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Rashid Kay Details Why There’s Lack Of Unity In SA Hip Hop SA Hip Hop Mag

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Rashid Kay Details Why There’s Lack Of Unity In SA Hip Hop. SA hip hop has witnessed most of its big artists jumping ship to join the Amapiano movement, and to some it showed the lack of trust and loyalty to the rap culture. Rashid Kay on one of his tweets he took a swipe on rappers who joined the Amapiano at the same time questioning their loyalty.

Rashid Kay Details Why There’s Lack Of Unity In SA Hip Hop

Rashid Kay has always stood firm in defending and representing the rap game in Mzansi even in the midst of the “Hip hop Is Dead” mantra. During the Masterclass Podcast with OG Samke, Rashid revealed that the too many groups and movement in hip hop is a clear indication that there is lack of unity and support for one another in the hip hop game.

There is a lot of division within hip hop, there is zero unity in hip hop,” he said. Even though OG Samke argued that there is a unity in hip hop as artists get together on different occasions, Rashid Kay believes there is no real unity, but an attempt to unity.

“I didn’t think so, because about a moth or two ago, I started to notice something, we are kicking a$$ every Sunday at Afro Brooke, but the more I started to pay attention to what else was happening on Sunday in hip hop and who else is at the events, I noticed that the so called “big guns” and clicks are now meeting together and have fun and every hip hop artist was there,” said OG Samke.

Rashid Kay went on to argued that there is no unity in South Ah hip hop culture but people try to create it and its not happening at the moment. “Trust me, there is an attempt, there is no unity, but there is an attempt.” Remember the soccer game we had between hip hop and Maskandi, that was an attempt at unity.”

He further explained that the attempt for unity is there but hip hop rappers are not moving in the same direction. “I’m not saying the attempt to is not there, but n**gas are going in different direction you know” he said.

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