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Rashid Kay Receives Death Threats From A-Reece’s Fans Over SA Hip Hop Awards SA Hip Hop Mag

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Rashid Kay Receives Death Threats From A-Reece’s Fans Over SA Hip Hop Awards. A-Reece’ fanbase have to put their words into action rooting for their favourite hip hop artist in Mzansi to win the Artist of The Decade Award. His audiences collectively known as the ‘Slimes” have been voting to make sure that Reece walks away with the Artist of The Decade Award. Even though the young rapper is facing stiff competition from other SA hip hop heavyweights his following still believes that the Paradise hit maker is well deserving to win the award.

A-Reece has not been submitting his music for the awards in the previous years. For this year’s upcoming awards, Rashid Kay who is one of the Hip Hop Awards facilitators in Mzansi announced that The Boy Doing Things submitted his music for the awards and he will be contesting.

Rashid Kay Receives Death Threats From A-Reece’s Fans Over SA Hip Hop Awards

The slimes are outspoken in their support for the artist and frequently protect his reputation on social media. This time around, the slimes are demonstrating that their support extends further than the stream of people that come to cheer for their favorite hip hop artist. This seems to be a difficult task for Rashid Kay and the crew behind the scenes. The hip hop pioneer has shared on Twitter that he has been getting life threating rants from some of A-Reece fans who are accusing Rashid Kay of being corrupt. “You should see the death threats on my DMs The Slimes ain’t playing.” Tweeted Rashid Kay.

While the judges are still yet to make a decision from their side on who will walk away with the prestigious award. A-Reece supporters are already making it known that the rapper made a good decision by submitting his songs for the awards this time around. The unexpected step was made possible by his devoted fan base, who pushed the  rapper to submit his work for award nomination. Only time will tell if it was time well spent rooting for The Boy Doing Things to win the SA Hip Hop Award.


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