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Rashid Kay Reveals The Most Hard Working SA Hip hop Producer SA Hip Hop Mag

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Rashid Kay Reveals The Most Hard Working SA Hip hop Producer. Aside from artists, music producers have excelled in producing the best beats. However, their contributions go mostly unnoticed since, in many cases, musicians receive exclusive recognition. SA hip hop space has witnessed some great producers and recently Youngsta CPT came out and highlighted how these producers are not getting enough credit for the incredible work they are doing.

Not only the rapper from Capetown aired his views towards the hip hop producers in the game. But during a conversation on Masterclass Podcast with OG Samke, Rashid Kay also took time to applaud the great works the producers have been doing in the SA hip hop culture. This came after being asked about what he thinks about the production side in the hip hop game.

Rashid Kay Reveals The Most Hard Working SA Hip hop Producer

On the producer’s side we got Zoocci Coke Dope, I don’t think I’ve ever spoken to Zoocci but like I’m clued up of his productions especially this year he is the hardest working producer in the industry you know what I’m saying. He’s been creating albums, producing songs, doing this and that mixing and mastering and engineering, like he’s been the hardest working producer this year i mean, shout out to Zoocci,” he said.

Zoocci has established oneself as a master of engineering, mixing, and producing via his involvement to projects by hip hop artists such as Moozlie, YoungstaCPT, Stogie T, and Flvme. Zoocci has made it known that he is one of the best in the game and he has urged all artists to approach him if they want to reach to their full potential in their music careers.


Not only Rashid Kay has applauded the hip hop producer but Zoocci’s work ethic was recently complimented by Priddy Ugly after he completed his solo album. The rapper said in a tweet how he saw the producer work on his project after having worked on other artists’ projects but still giving his absolute best to Priddy’s project.

“I watched @Zoocci_CokeDope work, just coming from working on Kilo’s, Flvm, Die Mondez, Speedsta’s & his own work- Yet he still had level focus & 1000% commitment to seeing #SOIL be the best it could possible be.. like he loved the project as if it was his own,” he said.

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