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Rashid Kay Sheds Light On Nasty C, A-Reece And Emtee’s #SAHHA2021 ‘Artist Of The Decade’ NominationsSA Hip Hop Mag

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Rashid Kay Sheds Light On Nasty C, A-Reece And Emtee’s #SAHHA2021 ‘Artist Of The Decade’ Nominations! This year’s greatest event in South African Hip Hop will have a fresh twist. The 10th SA Hip Hop Awards (#SAHHA2021) will return after a great run last year with the subject “The Manifesto.” When the nominees were dished out last week, most SA hip hop followers questioned some of the artists that got a nod on the SA Hip hop nominees list. With the most controversial one being the Artist Of The Decade Nominees.

The likes of Emtee, Nasty C and A-Reece managed to glide their way for the much anticipated award, but that did not stop criticism to pour in. Their nomination for the Artist of The Decade Awards sent the tongues wagging on social media as people questioned their longevity in the Hip hop game.

During the Masterclass Podcast Rashid Kay was asked about the nomination of mentioned rappers and how are they they Nominated for that category yet they have less than a decade in the game. Since he is part of SA Hip Hop Awards organizers Rashid Kay gave a swift explanation on why the young rappers managed to get a nod for The Artist of The Decade Award.

Let me ask you a question, how many times have you heard a song that was released in November becoming song of the year?” “It doesn’t have to run through the year, the impact it doesn’t have to run through twelve months, so whatever that happened within that decade you know, the impact, the achievements all of that stuff,” Rashid said.

He went on to say that they are artists who have been in the hip hop game for less that ten years but they have had more influence than those who have been there for a long time. “You know like when people ask me about this ten years stuff I’m like there are people who came in to the game five years ago or six years ago and had more impact than rappers who have been there for ten years.”

The interview got more exciting when Rashid was asked about how they categorize these artists. “Are we looking at artists who have had an impact for the last ten years or are we looking at Artists who have had that longevity for the past ten years?” Rashid Kay made it clear that they don’t only look at the time frame that the artist has had in the game, but they look at every impact they have brought to the hip hop game.

“We looking at everything, somebody was asking me, why is Ricky there with one album, we looking at the music, and the impact the music had and your contribution to the culture.” “You know he had the brands, endorsements, podcasts, those are the things that we look at, we dont look at so and so doesnt have a hit song but else did he do?” Rashid Kay said.

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