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Rashid Kay Spills Who He Believe Is The Most Unlucky Rapper In SA Hip Hop SA Hip Hop Mag

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Rashid Kay Spills Who He Believe Is The Most Unlucky Rapper In SA Hip Hop. Rashid Kay‘s hip hop opinion will always have people talking. Mduduzi Khumalo has always brought about the most controversial yet relevant debate on different SA hip hop artists. The Masterclass Podcast has become a hub for him to freely air his conscious opinions mostly when it comes to SA hip hop rappers.

Rashid Kay Spills Who He Believe Is The Most Unlucky Rapper In SA Hip Hop

During the Masterclass Podcast Rashid revealed the rapper whom he believes has been very unfortunate in the rap game. He indicated that the rapper had the potential of blowing up after he came up with the Skhanda music idea way before K.O grabbed the limelight.

“You know MT is the most unfortunate rapper in SA I should say.” Rashid went on and explained the reason why he believes MT is the unlucky one in the game. “Because he was MT, and then came another Emtee and that Emtee blew up.”

Rashid Kay, went on and alluded that MT is the real originator of the Skhanda music that most people enjoy now under K.O. “And then he started the Skhanda and then K.O came and ran with the Skhanda and Skhanda blew up and I’m like ooh $h**t but real heads knows that MT is the originator of Skhanda,” he said.

Mduduzi Khumalo did not hesitate to explain the reasons why he mentioned MT as the found and the brains behind the Skhanda music. During the Podcast he took us aback to the days of Siz n’ Scoop on YFM indicating that during those days, MT was the most famous rapper.

“The most famous rapper was MT representing Skhanda and he had Skhanda mixtapes and that was 2009-2010.” His mixtape are called Skhanda Mixtapes, he came with the name Skhanda, he was was representing Skhanda before K.O that was 2009-2010 K.O was still Teargas.”

Rashid Kay made it known that when K.O came with Skhanda they were aware of the the idea behind and the real founder of that rap style. “When K.O came with Skhanda we already knew “Skhanda” that’s why I’m saying this ni***a is unfortunate, people have jest his name people have jest his style but he is still here.”

He went further to explain that there are people who have been in the hip hop game for long and can attest to his claims about the origination of Skhanda music and how it came about. “He (MT) is the originator and Sizwe Dhlomo can attest to that,” he said.

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