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Reason Asks For Patience As He Works On Getting His Catalogue On DSPs

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Reason Asks For Patience As He Works On Getting His Catalogue On DSPs. A Reason fan recently was unable to find Reason’s albums on digital platforms, Apple Music or YouTube and was left rather frustrated with that. The fan notified Reason about the occurrence and in his response he revealed that he is actually working on getting his older albums onto digital platforms. Reason has been in the SA Hip Hop game for a long period of time and has released several projects that have become firm favourites among fans.

Reason revealed that he has been working hard on getting his older catalogue onto digital platforms, which have become the go-to place for fans to listen to music. Reason indicated to the fan that he is currently working on a distribution deal with record label, Motif Records and asked for patience. The rapper also gave the fan a timeline, of 2 weeks as to when to expect the catalogue to be on platforms. “We are almost done with the distribution deal with @MotifRecords . Please be patient. I’ll make sure my whole catalogue is up in the next 2 weeks,” revealed Reason.

Recently the debut album, Nkuli vs Flabba of rapper Flabba was uploaded on to digital platforms.The album was released as a hardcopy CD back in 2006. The 24-track album is still one of the most iconic hip-hop albums of the mid-2000s. As suggested by the title, the album was a conceptual body of work aimed at juxtaposing the man versus the media persona who went by the alter ego, Flabbadacious. The conceptual Nkuli vs Flabba saw the rapper juxtapose the family man Nkululeko Habedi against his beer-guzzling, rapper alter ego Flabadacious.

The album boasts features and collaborations with iconic and legendary contemporary artists including Kabomo, Lira, Infa, DZ, MaxHoba, HHP, Shugasmakx and Relo. Additionally, the album was one of the first local hip hop albums to use skits as transitions and a storytelling device between tracks. The hilarious skits included mixes produced by leading producer-DJs, Black Coffee and Kentphonik, as a nod to the ever-present sounds on the streets.

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