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Reason Gives Sizwe Dhlomo And Scoop Their Flowers, For Their Contribution To SA Hip Hop

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Reason Gives Sizwe Dhlomo And Scoop Their Flowers, For Their Contribution To SA Hip Hop. Reason recently took to the Twitter streets to give media personalities Sizwe Dhlomo and Scoop Makhathini their flowers for their contribution to SA Hip Hop. Scoop and Sizwe have been instrumental in propelling SA Hip Hop to new heights with their various initiatives and work behind the scenes. Sizwe shared how Sizwe and Scoop commercialized elements of the genre without half-stepping on talent. The talented rapper also pointed out how the two paved the way for artists.

Sizwe Dhlomo began as an MTV VJ but later went on to become a businessman and a media personality, he is not known for his raps but rather his contribution to the genre. “You did a lot for the game Siz. I won’t lie. you and @scoopmakhathini commercialized elements of hip hop without half stepping on talent,” tweeted Reason. The Azania hitmaker also went on to commend Sizwe for hosting screenings that assisted artists. “Those screenings outside did well for quality control on air. Ya’ll made way for real n****z. Very much like Rude Boy Paul, Lee & Sanza,” he added. Sizwe certainly appreciated Reason’s kind words and thanked him.

Reason’s comments come after Kid X’s wonderful remarks about Sizwe during his interview with Mac G. During his interview Kid X told the story of how he connected with Sizwe during his come up. Kid X recalled how he pulled up to the radio station that Sizwe was working at, which was Yfm after they said they are looking for rappers. “I pull up on him, he comes outside and I give him my story… So I tell him I’m here to rap, like you announced last week, yeah man put me on. He’s like nha you cant rap cause I’ve invited Glitz gang, I’ve invited the PTA cats… So I start arguing with him, he’s like kick something now. So I spit a quick 8 nyana but the time I’m like on bar 6, he’s like okay stop, you rapping on the show. We in!” recalled Kid X.

Sizwe’s now currently an on-air personality at radio station, Kaya FM and is still a firm lover of all things SA Hip Hop and never fails to put the genre on. He often speaks on matters of the game, he recently called K.O the most consistent rapper in SA. Scoop recently stepped down as a host of popular culture YouTube show, The Popcast where he was a part of the panel. During his time Scoop often shared his thoughts on all things SA Hip Hop, sometimes his comments were well received and sometimes he caught flack

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