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Reason Has A Tricky Challenge For SA Hip Hop DJs

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Reason Has A Tricky Challenge For SA Hip Hop DJs. The conversation between SA Hip Hop artists and DJs is an ongoing one, especially when conversations on the state of SA Hip Hop tend to pop up. DJs have been urged to play more SA Hip Hop tracks, which they are but have also requested that artists drop music to get crowds going. While SA Hip Hop artists and DJs are trying to find common ground and now Reason is throwing a spanner in the works.

Rapper Reason has set out quite the challenge for SA Hip Hop DJs. Since South Ah artists are always catching heat, Reason is turning the spotlights to the DJs of genres. Reason’s challenge is something that has gotten DJs talking as they ponder as to how they would execute the challenge. Reason said that since SA Hip Hop DJs, already play music from local Hip Hop artists, how about the play music from only other SA Hip Hop DJs. “Since every local hip hop dj features only local hip hop artists in their songs…” tweeted Reason.

The challenge is only for a month but already the DJs are finding the task rather difficult. “I’d like to challenge every local hip hop dj to only play other local hip hip djs songs in their sets this MONTH. Just this month if it’s too much,” explained the rapper. DJs claimed what Reason was tricky because there is not enough music all the aspects a DJ needs to cover during their sets. DJ Zan-D explained that a set needs to cater for various crowds. Reason understood the DJs point but said that he gets that things could be that way, when it comes to events but he is referring to normal gigs“But line ups currently only have 1 or 2 hip hop djs anyway. If you play hot South African dj songs in any one of these sets it wouldn’t make a difference cause who you saving the hits for?” added the rapper.

One tweep also added that the BPM ranges of SA Hip Hop songs also make things tricky. Reason still felt that his task was possible and suggested ways that DJs could cut around the problems they are raising. “Dedicate 20 minutes to each tempo maybe? Land the next track on the 1 without mixing, and move on,” remarked Reason. The Azania hitmaker also added that this wouldn’t be a challenge if it was common practice. “It wouldn’t be a Challenge if it was easy. But it also wouldn’t be a challenge if they were already doing playing only local hip hop that has enough songs to fill this up,” tweeted Reason.

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