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Reason Reacts To The 2021 MTV Base Hottest MCs SA Hip Hop Mag

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Reason Reacts To The 2021 MTV Base Hottest MCs. The MTV Base “Hottest MCs” shortlist has constantly provoked intense conversations on social media timelines since its inception in 2014. The never-ending debate on who deserve to be on the list has always ignited some exciting noise and there’s always chaos amongst the hip hop fanbase once the final list has been released.

Reason Reacts To The 2021 MTV Base Hottest MCs

This time around it wasn’t only the hip hop fans that reacted to the Hottest MCs final list, but some within the game also took time to reflect their opinion. Reason is amongst the artists who came out and reacted to the MTV Base Hottest MCs of 2021. Reason‘s reaction on his Twitter TL was a clear indication that the former rapper was perplexed with the final list of the Hottest MCs. “Mhhhhhhhhhmmmmm no comment,” 😂 tweeted Reason. Reason’s reaction signified a lot of things, and him not willing to comment on the list indicated that the MTV Base Hottest MCs is a touchy debate that does not require reckless comments.

Its not the first time that the MTV Base Hottest MCs has brewed controversies. Last year the main source of contention was Busiswa’s inclusion as the list’s sole female artist, despite the fact that she does not identify as an MC. This time around more drama unfolded at Hottest MCs round table.

The reveal of the first half of the list (numbers 10 to 5) delivered the usual amount of suspense with Maglera De Boy and Dee Koala along with Priddy Ugly, Lucas Raps, Costa Titch and K.O. Many were surprised to see K.O finishing so low following an amazing year with his SkhandaWorld group.

Following a great year in the game, there was real anticipation that Blxckie should be on top of the list. Blxckie‘s new album “B4Now” proved to be a successful project for him. His hit songs such as “Hold”, “Ye X4”, “Sika”, “David” and “Joy” have received a lot of attention on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music.

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