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Reason Shares His Opinion On Why Hip Hop Artists Should Be Open to Collaborating With Other Genres

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Reason Shares His Opinion On Why Hip Hop Artists Should Be Open to Collaborating With Other Genres. Rapper Reason in the early hours of Wednesday morning took to Twitter to reflect on his hopes for the future of SA Hip Hop. The rapper got candid on his writing process when it comes to Hip Hop music and also his newfound love, Amapiano. Reason has been known to be an excellent wordsmith and does not play around when it comes to his pen game. However things are changing in the rap game and Reason, real name Sizwe Moeketsi is open to that reality and is hoping more artists collaborate with amapiano instead of separating the two.

Reason who also goes by the moniker Sizwe Alakine remarked that the separation debate needs to end and a new conversation about collaborations is opened. Since Amapiano began to dominate the music scene there has been a strong debate about SA Hip Hop being dead, there has yet to be a conclusion on the matter. Reason explained that people love Hip Hop and Amapiano and there is a connection between the two. “Low key… Amapiano loves and lives Hip Hop. Look at the posts, the videos, the drop, the cars, the slang, the lifestyle, the culture… they love Hip Hop,” shared Reason. The rapper encouraged Hip Hop artists to see the value of expanding their message to a different sound, only that has less creative expectations.

Rapping on an amapiano beat vs a hip hop one are two different things but it’s still rapping. “I really hope more of my hip hop broers who grew up on Kwaito and house, could see the value in telling South African human truths on a sound that has less creative expectations. Not abandon hip hop, but to expand on their message to others who like raps… but not hip hop,” tweeted Reason. The Khanda Shisha hitmaker went on to further explain what he meant when it comes to writing raps for Hip Hop vs Amapiano. With Hip Hop, there is a more intense process, considering the breakdown of a hip-hop track.

Reason has certainly received flak for his decision to work on Amapiano music but he has clarified that he is a musician and Amapiano has given him a platform to be able to express himself. Reason has also slammed critics for criticizing Hip Hop artists for partaking in Amapiano music. “You are not a sell out if you make an amapiano song as a hip hop Broer. You are not. Instead… I think you are creative af if you pull it off. Cause you don’t just get props for doing piano. No. Many tried. Instead… You get props for make great (amapiano) songs.”

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