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Rebel Muzik Releases New Single “90’s Kids Politics” — Unspoken Press

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By Colin Naughton

Rebel Muzik, Trinidadian-American DJ, will release new single “90’s Kids Politics” featuring Schmogle on lead vocals, on May 21st, 2021. Rebel Muzik tries to mix the rhythmic sounds of the Caribbean with other genres to create his own unique sound. 

“90’s Kids Politics” is an energizing, upbeat and catchy track. Schmogle delivers awesome vocals! You can really hear the Caribbean influence on Rebel Muzik’s style, the music makes you wish you were on a beach or at a pool club with your friends. It’s hype music but also calming, relaxation music. I really enjoy the beat, the singing and the instrumental music involved in this project. It has a really nice guitar chord progression that builds throughout the track and reaches its peak during the chorus. It makes me want to grab my guitar and strum along. I like the lyrics alot too, it is relatable to me especially being a 90’s kid. Schmogle sings about how in today’s age we often miss the point of what we are fighting for either in a large social aspect or just amongst our friends and family. We as a people need to work together to accomplish our goals of making this world a better place. I love the line “We’re talking in circles” I find it very relatable. We need to keep the drama out of it and find common ground to work together. It’s a great message and something that we definitely could all work on. Overall I really enjoy “90’s Kids Politics” and can’t wait to see what else Rebel Muzik is able to produce.

One of the keys to making a good EDM based song is to continue to build energy all throughout the track and pair it with beautiful vocals and that is exactly what Rebel Muzik has done. “90’s Kids Politics” reminds me of something the great Kygo would produce, awesome vocals mixed with wonderful instrumentals and a great energizing beat. 

You can start streaming Rebel Muzik’s new song, “90’s Kids Politics,” starting May 21st on your preferred streaming service and you can follow Rebel Muzik on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

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