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Remorsefully Numb Concludes 2020 with Their Latest Single “Haste” — Unspoken Press

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By Barbara Kutz

Despite all the trials and tribulations that have plagued the alternative scene in recent years, Remorsefully Numb is a reminder that midwest emo is alive and well. Since their formation in 2016, this four-piece based out of Kansas City has begun to establish their emo/post-hardcore sound as they attempt to find their place in the scene. In their short career, Remorsefully Numb has already shared the stage with bands from the likes of Rarity, Chin Up Kid, and Unturned. With one last bit of content to conclude a year that pushed many artists to their limits, Remorsefully Numb released a music video to accompany their single ‘Haste’ from their debut EP “Fairmount – EP”

‘Haste’ is a track that is sure to resonate with creatives of all sorts, writers, artists, and musicians alike. With such raw, intensity fueled vocals from frontman Andrew Gibson, it captures the feeling of having so many consuming ideas and endless thoughts joined with a true urgent desire to create, yet having no idea quite where to start. “Honestly the inspiration for the song is quite simple. During the early days of writing ‘Fairmount – EP’, there hadn’t been anything new written for a while. So when “Haste” was created it was very easy to put into words some of the feelings that were felt around that time,” said frontman Gibson about the track. 

Steady, pounding drums take center stage while other elements are a bit more subdued, but the lyrics expanding on the sentiment at hand is what really stole the show for me. The concept, although simple, allows for such direct, to the point lyricism that helps express a passion that is demanding to be put to use. The lyric that truly grabbed my attention and stuck with me long after my first listen appeared within the first verse, “Critiquing words I’d like to say and stressing over moves to make to force this,” as it describes the inner turmoil and stress faced when writing music or writing in general for that manner. The paired vocals are quite fitting with fueled screams and loud proclamations, again putting the emotion of needing to create behind the lyrics.

The accompanying music video to ‘Haste’ showcases Remorsefully Numb in a bit of a behind the scenes feel, which I enjoyed quite a bit as I felt it fittingly complemented the tone of the song. The visuals of this band performing, traveling, and practicing together adds to the authenticity of the track as a whole as viewers witness them carrying out the life that comes with this urge to create. 

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