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Review: ListenTo by AudioMovers | The Ultimate Remote Collaboration Tool

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Review: ListenTo by AudioMovers | The Ultimate Remote Collaboration Tool

One of the major consequences of the COVID pandemic was the increased dependence on communication over the internet. The music industry being no different was severely hit by the pandemic. Even though communication technology has severely improved over the years, it didn’t become good enough to transmit/stream high-quality audio for the purpose of music collaboration. ListenTo by Audio Movers is one of the few plugins/standalone software out there that make this possible. After using the technology for several weeks here’s our in-depth review of ListenTo by AudioMovers.


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ListenTo is a pretty straightforward plugin containing only the necessary features one would expect from an audio streaming plugin. The main concept of the plugin is to transmit audio from your DAW to a link on the internet that is accessible to anyone in the world to whomever you provide the link to. There are 2 parts of the software, ListenTo Transmitter & ListenTo Receiver. As the terminology suggests one is for transmitting and the latter is for capturing the transmitted audio.

Within the Transmitter the 4 main options are latency, quality, session pin & client limit. You can set latency as low as 0.1sec which is quite phenomenal when it comes to transmitting high-quality audio over the internet. The quality of the audio can also be altered and can be set as high as AAC 320 Kbps. You also get the option to protect your transmitted audio by setting a session pin.

Once you have set in all the required details, click on start streaming and you are ready to go. Copy the streaming link and send it across to anyone you would like to share the audio with. You can receive the audio via web browser / plug-in / phone app.

Within the Receiver module, you not only get the option to listen via the provided link but also record the audio that is being received.



ListenTo has 3 pricing categories based on the features & usage. With ListenTo Standard($8.33/per month) you can stream simultaneously up to 10 listeners and with the Standard Plus($16.67/per month) you can stream up to 150 listeners simultaneously. The last pricing category is ‘Business’ where you can get in touch with the ListenTo team directly to build a customized version of the software for you.


Check out ListenTo in action down below:


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Image Credits: Audio Movers


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