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REZZ guides listeners into a hypnotic state with release of ‘Spiral’ EP: Listen

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REZZ guides listeners into a hypnotic state with release of ‘Spiral’ EP: Listen

Building the anticipation for her ‘Spiral’ album by teasing her listeners with several releases, the Spacemom known as REZZ has always lured in listeners seamlessly with her bass-fueled signatures and wonky frequencies to induce anyone in the crowd into a hypnotic trance-like state. Taking over the music scene with her distinctive experimental production style which clearly shines in her favor, REZZ is undeniably an icon in the electronic music industry and her artistic direction has shown no limits. With creativity and innovation as a key to her success, REZZ continues to grow her fan base known as the “Cult of REZZ.” Proving she is back in business with previously released tracks “Let Me In” with fknsyd, “Chemical Bond” with Deathpact, “Taste Of You” with Dove Cameron, and “Sacrificial” with PVRIS, REZZ is welcoming listeners into her world of experimental sound with the official release of her ‘Spiral’ album. Easily a favourite to many around the world, the album expresses REZZ’s ability to craft distinctive singles which are unmatched in creativity.

With seven new tracks to jam your heart out to, ‘Spiral’ album by REZZ has a track for everyone no matter what genre you listen to. With an explosive collaboration between REZZ and fellow Canadian rock band Metric on “Paper Walls,” the collaboration blends forms of melodic instrumentals, stargazing vocals and that signature bass-induced sound we all need in our lives. Easily a favourite to slow down all forms of time, “Spun” is a crowd-pleaser that will definitely guide listeners into a hypnotic state. Phasing deep into space at a downtempo speed on “Vortex” with PEEKABOO, space-like instrumentals echo in and out alongside a fury of frequencies and gruesome basslines. With REZZ stoked about this new music, be sure to catch her out on the road in February 2022 on her “Spiral Tour”.

Listen to the full ‘Spiral’ album below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Photo Credits: Rukes.com 

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