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Rick Ross to End Beef Between Jeezy and Freddie Gibbs?

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Rick Ross is credited for helping to end beef between Jeezy and Freddie Gibbs. It’s dope when Hip-Hop centers on sustenance and ignores beef.

Rick Ross aims to end a stagnated beef between Jeezy and Freddie Gibbs. One thing is certain. Ross, Jeezy and Gibbs are unimaginably talented with twisting words. They are lyrical savants.

First off, Rick Ross stays busy. His 11th studio offering, of Richer Than I Ever Been is now available. It is working to satiate the public desire for his wordplay. So now, his way with words may help to quell any lingering angst between Gangsta Gibbs and Jeezy. That is to say, the Biggest Boss continues to add to to his creative repertoire. Perhaps, peace broker will be serve as a new title.

So, what happened? Do remember, back in 2011 Freddie signed to Jeezy’s CTE imprint. Moreover, it was merely within the next year that Gibbs left the label. Since then, Gangsta Gibbs has aimed audible animosity towards Jeezy.

In a sit-down with Rap Radar, the “Little Havana” spitter, gives credit to Freddie’s progression as a introspective individual. Rozay speaks on his relationship with the Gary native. He praises Fred’s ability to absorb and employ good advice. The Teflon Don then admits that he does not know if Freddie and Jeezy have yet to broker peace.

To clarify his point he states, “I’m not sure that it’s happened yet. But most definitely, that was the conversation I had with Freddie Gibbs. Because, once again, you got to appreciate when a brother reach out to you. And believes in your gift, brother. That’s what it was about.”

To add more emphasis Ross adds more insight. “As a boss – as a CEO you’re not obligated – or, owe nobody to sign nobody. You understand.” He soon states, “and homie seen your vision and he believed in you. And that’s what it came down to.” Sincerity wraps his sentiment before he includes, “And that’s what I live by. And, that was some of the advice that I gave the homie.”

Ricky then reckons that time will help to alleviate the situation. “I had a conversation with Jeezy and I left it with him. And you leave it there.”

Rick Ross playing meditator for the Freddie Gibbs and Jeezy beef. Gibbs says “let’s make it happen” after getting Ross’ advice. Ross brought it to Jeezy and left it on the table (via @bdotTM @ElliottWilson) https://t.co/fzWeW4najg


“I don’t see it as a big deal,” is how Gibbs describes his past differences with Jeezy, this according to Vulture. “Ain’t nobody dying. Nobody get shot. Ain’t nobody get hurt, so it ain’t nothing like that.”

In the future, hopefully Freddie Gibbs, Jeezy, and Rick Ross will collaborate on a track.


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