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Roles Reversed! Nota Lists Why He Is Suing Katlego Malatji

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In a surprising twist of events, former music executive Nota Baloyi is on a different side of a lawsuit. Nota is usually the one being sued but now for a change, the outspoken personality is the one issuing out a lawsuit. In the past, Nota’s comments about various Mzansi personalities have landed him in hot water and at the receiving end of a lawsuit. Legal action has been taken against the outspoken personality of individuals such as Stogie T, Shimza and Slikour. For the first time, Nota now gets to use his lawyers and sue someone for their comments towards him.

Nota recently took to social media to reveal that he is taking legal action against Advocate and Entertainment law consultant Katlego Malatji, who is also the head of Legal and Business Affairs at record label Sony Music Africa. Nota’s decision to sue Katlego comes after the two exchanged a few words during Nota’s Twitter Space. During the space, Katlego claimed that he represents the top artists in South Africa and they do not want to work with him because of what he has become as the “Authority”.

During the space, Katlego remarked “An authoritative figure is a leadership figure who seeks to correct, to rebuild and to unite. And the posture you have taken… because it has become so destructive, it has even led you to be dishonest, and it has led you to be a lot of things I don’t know you to be.” Nota has shared that he is suing for defamation of character and he wants an apology, retraction, monetary compensation and for Katlego to resign at Sony Music Africa. Nota in his caption on Instagram revealed that he is dealing with the matter as he does not take lightly to being called a thief or criminal. “I don’t take kind to being called a thief or a criminal… I need to deal with this decisively,” wrote Nota.

Only time will tell if Nota’s lawsuit has any legal merit. However as Nota has learned words said online always catch up with a person. Nota recently had to issue an apology to Slikour, he even had to post the apology twice on social media. The first time Nota posted the apology he used a very small font but posted it later with a more visible font.

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