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SA Hip Hop 2021 Projects That Didn’t Do Well SA Hip Hop Mag

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SA Hip Hop 2021 Projects That Didn’t Do Well. Hip Hop fans have been introduced to a slew of new performers poised to take over the genre over the years. Rising viewpoints and identities have broken through the rap hierarchy, upending an already volatile market. However, the emergence of the new school has been accompanied with the demise of the old. There are South African rappers that have recorded a flood of terrible tracks, or perhaps poor decisions in their personal life have ruined their profiles, and a number of rappers in 2021 have lost recognition owing to poor music projects.

The new school in South Ah rap game have grabbed the limelight and the prominent rappers failed to meet the bar that was set by the former. Without dragging too much on this subject, lets unfold some of the SA hip hop projects that failed to keep up with industry fast moving wave.

Kwesta – g.o.d Guluva

Kwesta‘s gruffy voice is very vital to him as his strong combination of house, kwaito, and hip-hop has taken his hip hop reputation to a whole new level. The rapper has created a very good association with other artists in Mzansi music space a whole. Kwesta’s 2021 drop g.o.d Guluva received a wonderful reception upon is release.

The unfortunate part is that the project could not have a long life span heading towards the pick of the year as most rappers started releasing. The fact that the album could not get a nod amongst the new school rappers on the SA Hip hop Album Of The Year Award is a clear indication that this project did not reach an expected level to be deemed a successful project this year.

Stilo Magolide – Infinite Melanin

This project was deemed to be a charming piece of work. Infinite Melanin proved to be finite as it faces stiff competition in the rap game. The album consists of 10 tracks and it has attracted good features with the likes of Intaba Yase Dubai and Tshego AMG. Stilo Magolide also shared concerns that Amapiano is killing Hip hop and that might be one of the reasons he has failed to dominate the charts.

031Choppa – Kwamashu To Ejozi

031Choppa returned with a brand new banger Kwamashu To Ejozi but despite featuring the most talked about artists in 2021, the album wasnt good enough to attract a wider audience or getting a nod for the awards. The rapper managed to secure features like Blxckie, Maglera Doe Boy, Sjava but it was good enough top the chart. Believe you me, we might see better projects from the rapper in the next calendar year!

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