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SA Hip Hop Beefs/Fights In 2021 SA Hip Hop Mag

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SA Hip Hop Beefs/Fights In 2021. Beef is as essential to hip-hop as beats and bars. It’s a vital aspect of hip-hop culture, even if it can turn violent and unpleasant at times. Typically, friction is settled quietly, and musicians re-unite with a renewed regard for one another. In that way,  beef is a game for getting respect and Mzansi hip hop has witnessed quite a number of them throughout the decade.

Relating each conflict between rappers to the feud between Cassper and AKA does an injustice to the industry and the artists that develop it. Rap is not necessarily dangerous, and rappers’ problems stem from a number of issues, including broken commercial connections, love, jealousy, betrayal, loyalty, and honor. With all that have been said about hip hop feud, 2021 has experience its own fair share of fights in the rap game.

Stogie T and NOTA

Stogie T and hip hop devotees NOTA Baloyi got into a fight at a function. Nota took to Instagram Videos to give his version of what happened and how the brawl occurred. “Yes, it’s true, Stogie T thought he could rumble with me … I put him down fast and pinned him to the ground, and I thought about breaking his nose, but on second thought, I thought it was good.“NOTA said.

Since there are two sides of a story, Stogie went on and shared his own version of what happened. “Yesterday, at an event touted as bringing hip hop together for the love of the culture, I was minding my own business when Nota encroached my section.” “I interpreted this as a provocation and gestured for him to leave and an unfortunate fracas ensued.” Stogie T said.

A-Reece and MashBeatz

New Beef? SA Hip Hop Fans React To MashBeatz Unfollowing A-Reece On Twitter

Earlier this year, MashBeatz was said to be feuding with A-Reece, a long-time partner and mentor. Every time the two collaborate, they were considered as one of the top hip hop collabo. MashBeatz unfollowed A-Reece on Twitter and Instagram, which many fans saw as a sign of enmity. Most hip hop followers were quick to condemn the decision, believing that while A-career Reece’s would definitely survive such a breakup.

There were worries MashBeatz will not make it alone. A-Reece recently dropped a joint album with his brother Jay Jody which MashBeatz deemed as trash and A-Reece’s fans (slimes) were vying for his blood after making such a crude statement.

Blxckie and Lucasraps

Scoop On Why He Feels Nasty C Deserves More Credit For Blxckie And LucasRaps’ Style Of Rap

It is believed that the two rappers from Durban unfollowed each other on Instagram and Twitter after they have a misunderstanding. There is no clear cut insight on what really happened for the two young rappers to cut ties on each other. But its a sad thing for Mzansi because Blxckie and Lucasraps were deemed to a formidable pair to take the rap game to a whole new level. The two dropped a song BIG TIME SH’LAPPA that became a banger in South Ah.

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