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SA Hip Hop Bromances To Come Out Of 2021 SA Hip Hop Mag

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SA Hip Hop Bromances To Come Out Of 2021. No matter the comparisons that people might want to impose on hip hop artists, the beauty part about it is that these artists will always find a common ground to get along with each. Its clear that the rap game can create instant enmity and SA hip hop is not an exception. We have witnessed a number of artists getting on each other’s necks, at the same time we have also come across rappers who have shown each other nothing but love and respect. With that in mind, lets share with you some of the bromance moments that have come out in this year’s hip hop game.

Nasty C X Emtee

Nasty C and Emtee have been a subject of comparison in the hip hop game with fans trying to split up them through their music. But the two have proven to everyone that they will always have love for each other and they will always keep winning together.

Their past duet, “Winning,” is still a wonderful tune to groove to years after it was recorded. Both South African hip hop musicians have lately shown their support for one another on Twitter. The two seemed to have met each other and they shared the sentiment of their meeting on social media, with Emtee sharing that it was good to meet Nasty C with the latter sending love to The Hustlers’ children.

Big Xhosa X IFani

Sharing to Twitter about working with somebody he admires, Big Xhosa expressed excitement about the iFani segment because he loved watching the celebrity on television. He stated that he selected the iconic artist out of all the great artists he might have worked with.

“I don’t think there’s anybody as excited as me about this iFani feature. I used to watch him on TV, now he is on my song? I have access to work with a lot of established artists but I preferred iFani. He is a legend to me and will forever be, I don’t care ba nithini!,” tweeted Big Xhosa.

To compliment Big Xhosa’s props to him, IFani also turned to Twitter to highlight his experience working with the his fellow Xhosa. Seeing part of himself in him, iFani wished Big Xhosa the best of luck in his future endeavors. “Big Xhosa is a dope kid, a young dyan. A great soul. I wish him all the success I had and more! And no downfall like me,” tweeted IFani.

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