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SA Hip Hop Rappers Who Refused to Join Amapiano

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SA Rappers Who Refused to Join Amapiano. Even though Amapiano is now a joy to listen to in Mzansi music space, we have witnessed most Hip hop artists taking their chances to feature in this blazing genre that is making the waves. The most interesting part is that not all hip hop rappers share the same kind of euphoria that comes with the Amapiano genre, and we are going to unfold the SA Hip hop rappers who are against the idea of jumping into the Amapiano bandwagon.

There is a sentiment that has been doing the rounds with people asking; is hip hop dead? This is a question that is mostly popping up whenever a Hip hop artist decides to join Amapiano. Even though that might be the case, there are other SA Hip Hop artists who have remained loyal to the culture.


Lucasraps is not a two timing rapper who doesn’t know where he stands with his craft. And it’s clear that he is not game to venture into The Amapiano genre. During an interview with The Plug he made it clear that he got no problem with Amapiano and every hip hop rapper including (Phori) who has joined the craze.

“He’s (Phori) just super busy and I’m busy on my side trying to push my things, he’s trying to push his,” the young rapper said. “But when we see each other, we’re cool, man. There’s no issue, there’s no beef, there’s no smoke. I don’t have no problem with [amapiano], it’s just that I’m a hip-hop nigga.” Lucasraps said.


SA Hip Hop Rappers Who Refused to Join Amapiano Genre

Emtee, has joined the current debate about the condition of HIP HOP in the country. With Amapiano in charge, there has been some discussion over whether the Hip hop genre is dead in the country. Emtee took to social media to declare that Hip Hop is not dead, especially when the entire globe dresses up as rappers. “Hip hop is dead? B’yang when The whole world dressed up like rappers,” tweeted Emtee.

Nasty C

Nasty C,  has no wish to be listed among the hip-hop artists that have joined the genre that has Mzansi whirling. No one should disgrace themselves by approaching him for a duet on an Amapiano song, the rapper declared on his Instagram live.

“If any of my fellow artist friends and you have an Amapiano song you were thinking I would go well on it, kill that idea right now. Don’t do that to yourself. I hate declining, especially people I know, don’t make me do it man. Just don’t do it. I love Amapiano man, it comes with a different type of energy. I would be faking it if I did it.” Nasty C said.

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