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SA Hip Hop Reacts To Blxckie’s Cypher

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SA Hip Hop Reacts To Blxckie’s Cypher. Blxckie is South Ahh’s hottest star and has been dominating the charts since late last year when he broke out. He has obtained a reputation for dropping addictive music. Blxckie’s peak has been compared to that of Lil Wayne hot 2008 year. Blxckie is dropping back to back hits, that even none Hip Hop fans are listening to. A verse from uSomnyama yena yedwa, a sort of guaranteed an artist, a hit song, that’s most likely why everyone wants to work with him.

The 031 native at the essence of his talent is his dope rap flow, when it comes to the bars, Blxckie doesn’t play around. His lyricism is often praised by his fans and those in the SA Hip Hop community. Blxckie features on BET Africa’s Hip Hop Cypher and reminded his old and new fans just what a force he is when it comes to the raps. BET Africa, the South Ah Hip Hop artist, along with Didi B from Côte d’Ivoire and Nga who hails from Angola. Blxckie posted a clip of his part in the cypher that aired during the 2021 BET Hip Hop Awards. SA Hip Hop artists such as Sliqe, Costa Titch Courtnae Paul and Patrickxxlee are some of the people who have reacted to the cypher.

Blxckie recently dropped the deluxe version of his album and has promised his fans that he has more music on the way. The Hold hitmaker has received nothing but praise for his verse. This BET 2021 Hip Hop cypher has been drama free and the attention has solely remained on the raps. This was unfortunately not the case after Reason appeared on another cypher on BET. The channel broadcasted another cypher called, Amapiano Hip Hop cypher, which did not sit well with the masses. Fans of SA Hip Hop weren’t too fond of Reason’s appearance and took it as a jab to the genre. Some felt that the cypher should have just been called Amapiano cypher and not include the hip hop tag.

The rapper was not here for the criticism about him appearing on the cypher and responded to fans who had something to say. “Honestly, I didn’t know it would be called that. But I also don’t understand why you would want to crucify ME for it being called that. I’m not @MTVBaseSouth. I did what I’ve always done. Which is to rap on their cyphers. Don’t involve me in anything else. But the quality of rap,” tweeted Reason.

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