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SA Rappers Who Blew Up In 2021 SA Hip Hop Mag

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SA Rappers Who Blew Up In 2021. Every year, the South African Hip Hop culture becomes more exciting to observe. This is due to the fact that fresh and enthusiastic kids entered the game and proved to be meeting the required expectations. There is a real belief that most of these rappers who have grabbed the headlines managed to keep the game alive by consistently dropping some good tracks.

Now, without further ado, lets unfold SA rappers who have grabbed the opportunity and defied all the odds making the most in SA hip hop culture this year.


There is no doubt whatsoever that Blxckie is the talk of the town. The young Durban rapper has grabbed the lockdown opportunity and he managed to take Mzansi by storm with his rap game. The rapper earned every ounce of praise he receives since he has worked so hard for it. He has also just appeared on Rouge’s “Popular Remix” and has made notable strides this year. Blxckie is one of the hip hop artists who will ending this year on a high. His album is the second most streamed SA album on Spotify.

The Big Hash

The Big Hash, hero of “Amnesia,” has been on a domination quest for quite some time. With the type of music he’s released, the brilliant musician has received much interest. Fans have been patiently awaiting the release of his long-awaited album “Heartbreak Hotel.” Despite having record label debacle, the hip hop artist has gone to make the most with the benefits that come with being an independent artist. His recent project “ARIES” a Precursor to “HEARTBREAK HOTEL” has made significant impact upon its release last month.


His is a gift that keeps on giving and 2020 was a watershed moment for him, and he made the most of it. Going into 2021 the brilliant rapper is one of several new wave rappers that have showed some significant impact in the game throughout the year. Lucasraps has attracted He is well-known for the songs “La Di,” “Without Me.” He also collaborated with Blxckie on “Big Time Sh’lappa” and various additional songs. His new album “031 To The World” has been a successful project as it gained a huge number of impressions.

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