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SA Rappers Who Disappeared From The Scene In 2021 SA Hip Hop Mag

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SA Rappers Who Disappeared From The Scene In 2021. With SA hip-hop now into its decade as a genre, there is an increasing number of rappers who are difficult to keep up to. The number of artists that emerge every day, along with the rate at which songs and the players within it change, leads to musicians abandoning music or taking prolonged absences that leave fans wandering where they might be.

The rap game is very competitive and for an artist to survive the stiff tussle, their level of consistency should be above the range. There is a subset of rappers that made big waves early on and then fell into anonymity quicker than many people would have imagined. And in SA Hip hop there are several rappers that meet this description. Without further ado, lets share with you some of the rappers who have taken too long to return from their so called “sabbatical.”

Fifi Cooper

Fifi Cooper, known as Motswako’s first lady, was forced to form her own music company Mocooper Records after a contract dispute with Ambitiouz Records. The rapper has learnt things the hard way and her absence is a clear indication that she might be working towards reviving herself and creating a reputation for her record label.

Despite releasing an album under her record label, the rapper has failed to show up and give significant impact in the SA hip hop game.


A Full List Of Awards Scooped By Anatii

Anatii has a good reputation in the hip hop game and his long absence has been felt by other artists. The rapper has consistently produced nothing but the finest on every song he has been involved in. Recently, the rapper shared a video on Instagram live teasing a comeback to music, but the fascinating thing was that on the video he was playing an Amapiano beat at the background. That raised questions if the rapper will make a comeback through the Amapiano movement.


Rouge Sheds Light On The Importance Of Engaging With Her Fan Base

She has made significant impact in the rap game and she became one of the significant female rappers in the South Ah. Rouge came out during an interview with  TshisaLIVE that he will be exploring other music projects and put rapping on hold. “A lot of people know me for my rapping, but I was singing before I was rapping. There is a whole other side of me. It is not that I am giving up hip-hop, I love it, I am just showing what else I can do. I want to do something that people will remember for a long time.” She said.

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