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SA Rappers Who Made Shocking Headlines In 2021 SA Hip Hop Mag

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SA Rappers Who Made Shocking Headlines In 2021. In the rap game, hip hop stars are bound to get themselves into different squabbles leading them to make various kinds of headlines. This year, some of Mzansi favorite hip-hop artists had their fans say, “WTF?” with their shenanigans. Rappers had some crazy moments in 2021, from participating in fights, making provocative statements in interviews to divulging questionable habits the rappers have done it all this year.

The rap game in Mzansi is always packed with the most shocking headlines. There we are going to share with you some of the rappers who have caught the attention of the media with some spellbound trends.

Jub Jub’s Multiple Sexual Accusations

Jub Jub's Ndikhokhele Remix Achieves Massive Streaming Milestone

Jub Jub grabbed the headlines following his reckless statement he lamented towards Amanda Du Pont during the MacG Podcast. The claimed to have “smashed” Amanda, but the latter came out and accused Jub Jub of rapping her rather than smashing her. The events opened a can of worms for the Ndikhokhele hit maker as other victims came forwards attesting that have also been rapped, his cousin sister included. Jub Jub later issued a statement in regards to the accusations but it was too little too late since the events costed him his job at Moja Love as he faced suspension.

Gigi Lamayne Filed Legal Action Against Inno Morolong

Local artist Gigi Lamayne directed her solicitors to send a legal letter to socialite Inno Morolong. This came after the socialite moved to social media to trash the award-winning artist, accusing her of pursuing every man she has met. The host of Tik Tok’s “Africa’s Top40” mentioned the subject briefly in an IG Live and stated that she would not be sucked into the social media turmoil, hence she decided to take legal action against Morolong.

Stogie T And Nota Caught Up in A Heavy Tussle

Nota Baloyi topped the trends following a confrontation with rapper Stogie T.  A video of Nota being hauled out of the event quickly went viral. As per Nota, the rapper purportedly punched a woman in the nightclub, resulting in the 2-minute altercation. He then followed Stogie to challenge him about it, but the confrontation resulted in punches. Stogie gave his side of the story, but the rapper had already topped the trends for no good reasons to be precise.

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