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Sasco’s Yinyari with Fancy Gadam is an instant hit!

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Afro pop artiste Sasco, has released a single titled Yinyari (means insanity) featuring topmost Northern-based artist, Fancy Gadam.

The song “Yinyari” tells the tale of a man who falls in love with a lady and is carried away by her natural love.

Fancy Gadam expresses in the song’s opening lines how his love and affection for the woman drives him insane, but he prefers emotional madness because of his love for her.

The song’s message encourages people not to let naysayers destroy the genuine love they have for their loved ones by remaining true to themselves at all costs.

Sasco admires the shape, structure, curves, dimples, and, above all, the beauty of the woman who deserves his fervent love.

The song’s collaboration between the two talented artists explains how the use of languages in music is a good space for cultural diversity and inter-ethnic tolerance in Ghana.

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