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Sean Pages’ ‘Heroic Act’ After Witnessing A Domestic Fight SA Hip Hop Mag

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Sean Pages’ ‘Heroic Act’ After Witnessing A Domestic Fight. Sean Pages is a multifaceted character. A rapper, a well-known producer, who has become popular through constant success. The rapper can be many things in the hip hop game and he has been caught in some heavy brawl with other hip hop artists such as AKA.

Sean Pages has been caught in the midst of another brawl, this time around he was not on the flip side rather he got himself into rescuing someone who was in trouble. The hip hop rapper witnessed a domestic fight in his neighborhood whereby a man was seriously torturing his woman and it seems like like Sean Pages came for the rescue.

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Sean Pages’ ‘Heroic Act’ After Witnessing A Domestic Fight

The hip hop chanter shared on his Twitter TL how the event unfold with a picture of his injured hand. “Walked outside n found a dude fucking up his woman, sadly this hand is not gonna work for a good 2 weeks.”

Sean expressed how disappointed he was when his efforts to rescue the woman were in vein as she chose to go back to that same man. “And another sadder reality is that it was in vein. We called her an uber and all she wanted to do was go back to the same dude.” He tweeted.

Sean Pages has been a victim of abuse when he was growing up and he seems to know how it feels to go through assault. In a series of tweets the rapper shared his experience when he was a victim of assault at a very young age and how he was going to revenge his abusive uncle.

“When I get old enough and strong enough I’m goin to kill my uncle with my bare hands.” “For those who lived in phase 2 (alex) in the 80’s have probably heard of a man called Muzi; a notorious and cold-hearted thug who raped so many people’s daughters, robbed and killed many people’s fathers and sons.”

“Might be ready to talk about this shit or maybe not. Will def get ridiculed for it coz that’s what mainly happens on this Platform but ok w that. Coz I know there’s lot o dudes who went thru the same shit and it’s been eating them for decades so here goes….” he tweeted.

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