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Seaway’s Latest Album is Definitely a Big Vibe — Unspoken Press

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“Sweet Sugar” is reminiscent of the latest All Time Low album. It incorporates a very alternative tempo and guitar riffs, but the lyrics are the classic pop-punk almost-love song. For me, the most iconic moment on the album is when Ryan Locke sings “So meet me in the middle soon /I could never hold a grudge like you / It’s feeling like a couple screws are coming loose”. It’s the perfect moment towards the end of the album. “Wicked” and “Sick Puppy” are the perfect closers to the album. It ties us back to classic Seaway and almost feels like a heavier, less alternative version of the first two songs on the album.

The three singles they released, “Big Vibe”, “Still Blue”, and “Wild Things”, gave us a taste of what we could expect from this album. “Big Vibe” is the classic pop-punk Seaway song, “Wild Things” gave us a taste of the mellower songs on the album, and “Still Blue” provided the heavy pop-rock, alternative vibes on the album.

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