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Sebastian Ingrosso and Tommy Trash’s original mix of ‘Reload’ turns nine

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Sebastian Ingrosso & Tommy Trash’s original version of their anthem ‘Reload’ turns nine years old

There are very few tracks created that can continue to stand the test of time for years after their release. There are even fewer that contain a melody so unforgettable that millions across the world continue to recognize it as a dance anthem. One of those tracks is the original version of Sebastian Ingrosso and Tommy Trash’s ‘Reload’ that turned nine years old just a few weeks ago.

Released on September 29th, 2012, on his label Refune Records, the original mix laid the groundwork for what is considered one of Ingrosso’s most successful tracks. In collaboration with Australian-based producer Tommy Trash, the two artists created a melody that DJs still include in their sets nine years later.

‘Reload’ is the perfect blend between powering chords and a very synth-heavy top line. With its progressive house style, it is a track that helped define an era in dance music. Since its release, it quickly became accepted by listeners and has generated eight million views on Youtube

and also eight million listens on Spotify during its nine years.

As stated earlier, the track would become the instrumental for John Martin’s vocals that led to an edit that charted in the top ten in six countries, including two #1 spots.

Relive Ingrosso and Trash’s original version of ‘Reload’ via Refune Records below.

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