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SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Reveals His 3 Must-Haves For A Holiday Party + What Kind Of Gifts He Appreciates Most

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In a recent interview and pictorial for 1st Look magazine, SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu reflected on the upcoming holiday season!

When asked if there had been any little changes in his life recently, Mingyu shared, “I changed my TV to a laser projector. I also have a bigger table and one more sofa now.”

He continued, “My laser projector projects an image of about 150 inches. The screen quality is worse than that of a TV, but it fills up an entire large wall. When I turn all the lights off and watch a movie, it feels like I’m at a movie theater.”

As for whether he has any plans for the end of the year, Mingyu remarked, “The end of the year is always a busy time for me because of award ceremonies. The only plans I have are going out to eat after the awards shows.”

He went on to reveal, “If I could make a small wish, I’d like all the SEVENTEEN members to meet up and eat together on January 1, as a sort of celebration of Joshua’s birthday. We weren’t able to do it this year.”

Mingyu also shared his three must-haves for any holiday party: “The SEVENTEEN members, delicious food, and wine. I think I’d be happy if I just had these three things.”

“Even if you order a ton of food, it’s hard to fill up the 13 members of SEVENTEEN,” he added. “Just thinking of what food to order makes me feel free and happy.”

Finally, Mingyu revealed what kind of Christmas gift makes him the happiest.

“When I was young, I wanted toys like a remote-controlled car or airplane,” he said. “Now, no matter what the gift is, it’s more than enough if the gift makes me think, ‘This person thought of me.’ Gifts that indicate the giver spent time pondering what I might need or what might fit me well. Giving and receiving those kinds of gifts at the end of the year warms the heart.”

SEVENTEEN is currently gearing up for a comeback with their ninth mini album “Attacca.” Check out their latest teasers here!

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