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Shatta Wale elated after Ras Nene promotes Shaxi in viral skit; creates business idea for Graphic designers – Ghana Music

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Dreams do come true as Shatta Wale launched his Shaxi ride -hailing services & has planned to reward Ras Nene for promoting it & told Ghanaian designers to print and sell branded items with his logos.

Shatta Wale has asked Ghanaian designers to take advantage of his upcoming show, #FreedomWave, and newest initiative, Shaxi to make money for themselves this December.

According to the dancehall maestro, he would love to see Ghanaians seize opportunities of his upcoming show to make money for themselves while promoting his new brand, Shaxi.

In a tweet, Shatta Wale advised graphic designers within the country to print T-Shirts with Shaxi, AMG, DTB, or SM brands and sell them at affordable prices during the festive season. He averred that this will help them make a lot of money during the holidays and his upcoming concert.

He wrote; I want all of us to take the opportunity to make as much money as we can with this 25th December show ( #FREEDOMWAVE ) .. If you are designer -Print some DTB,SM ,AMG,SHAXI shirts and sell it at a cool price for the fans to feel the spirit on that day…

Furthermore, has revealed his readiness to reward Ghanaian actor and comedian, Ras Nene.

The musician made this known in a recent post he made on his verified social media handle on the popular social media platform, Instagram.

This comes after Ras Nene who is popularly known currently as Dr. Likee and his comic crew made an adorable advert for Shatta Wale’s recently established venture, SHAXI.

In the video, Dr. Likee was seen and heard doing an advert for SHAXI and after the video caught the attention of Shatta Wale, he reposted the video on Instagram and wrote;

“@Dr Likee and Ama Tundra pls come for your money for this great piece Gud bless you for the support”

Speaking on his inspiration for the SHAXI venture, Shatta Wale wrote;

“Well let me share this story with you today. Everybody that knows me knows I love the youth of Ghana and I always want to see them doing well. I want to see the boys and girls in the ghettos move from being unemployed into having gainful employment.

That’s how the Shaxi dream was born. My team and myself set out to create a sustainable business with a focus on providing employment for the theming unemployed Ghanaians. That’s our drive and not profits. At the end day, we want to make an impact and leave our mark.

Shaxi is for not just Shatta Wale and friends, it’s a Ghanaian project for Ghanaians, so lets all embrace it and make it happen. Thank you for your support and thank you to the entire team behind the Shaxi project, couldn’t have done this without you. #Shaxi. It’s time to ride @shaxiofficial.gh”

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