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Shexy Ayoz shares imposing new EP; New Vibez | Ghana Music

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Nigerian act, Shexy Ayoz announces the release of his latest project ‘’New Vibez’’ – an extended play that stars fellow countryman, Niro Walter and a total of six songs which run on the artist’s central themes of choice: love and the hustle.

‘’New Vibez’’ is available on all digital streaming platforms worldwide here.

The EP opens up with ‘I Know’, a song that has Shexy Ayoz express his innermost emotions to an ex-lover who supposedly left him broken.

This leads the crooner to question himself and if her feelings for him were true in the first place. ‘Hustle’ follows suit with guest artist, Niro Walter aboard. It tells the story of Shexy’s growth as an artist – relaying all the challenges he had to face in order to successfully pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a star and the life it entails.

Then comes ‘No Mind’, one that has Shexy reassure his newfound love interest about his quest to make her happy. He is ever ready to constantly prove himself and is convinced their bond would last their lifetime.

In the EP’s fourth track, ‘Mamacita’, Shexy’s fierce energy is channelled into an unrestrained fantasy that has the artist eager to have a dance with what he deems the most beautiful girl in a dreamy club he finds himself in.

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At number five, ‘Hama’ sets in as the EP’s prized anthem and has the Nigerian artist flaunt his many blessings, while preaching to fans of the need to stay focused as many distractions are likely to come their way.

Things finally come to a close on ‘Whine’, a bouncy dance tune expressing how Shexy would want to be loved. Bolstered with a catchy hook and memorable verses, it ends the show on a satisfying note worth every second.

‘’I’m excited to share this heartfelt experience of mine with you, including all the highs and the lows. I hope fans of good music enjoy it the same way I enjoyed making it’’, Shexy Ayoz shares.

It is evident Shexy Ayoz put in a lot of heart and time into the making of ‘’New Vibez’’, granting it an unprecedented touch that cements the crooner’s return to the music industry. Adorned with productions from Willis Beatz, Beatz Vampire, David Acekeyz and Supa Gaeta, ‘’New Vibez’’ is a notable medley of vibes you should not miss out on.

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Born Oluwaseyi Imoleayo Fase, Shexy Ayoz is a musician and songwriter born in the South-Western part of Nigeria. He has always had a passion for making music since a very young age, following his affinity for singing and playing the drum in church. Shexy Ayoz began his professional musical journey in 2020 with the release of his debut song ‘Cinderella’, produced by Willis Beatz.

Instagram: shexyayoz
Twitter: @Iam_Shexy
Facebook: Shexy Ayoz-Morayo

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