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SHINee’s Minho Gives Up Final Military Leave To Help Train Junior Soldiers

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SHINee’s Minho was revealed to have given up his final military leave to stay and train his fellow soldiers!

On October 21, the Marine Corps shared on Instagram the details of Minho’s decision as well as photos of the idol.

Lately, the military leave for soldiers is regulated due to COVID-19, and they can use their final leave, which is on average one month before their official military discharge, to be discharged at home without returning to the army base.

However, there is a Marine who has given up his final leave in order to participate in training alongside his fellow soldiers.

That person is Marine Choi Min Ho, who is carrying out his duties as a part of the quick reaction force of the First Division.

According to the original plan, Choi Min Ho would be finishing his duties from home on November 15, which is after his final leave on October 27. However, he has decided to be discharged from the army base and give up the 20 days of his final leave in order to participate in training to defend his country and teach his military juniors the ins-and-outs of the techniques and tactics he has mastered!

Before enlistment, Marine Choi was active as a celebrity, and he enlisted at a relatively later age last April, but he has actively participated in various kinds of training and is trusted by his seniors, juniors, and officers for his exemplary work, earnestness, and bright personality. He was a Marine who received widespread praise from others.

Marine Choi says that he is happy to be able to end things successfully. We will support him until the day he is discharged.

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