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ShiShiLiza (Bash Vision) X Venom Unveils The Annex Of Amapiano Element In The Track “ShoBoy” SA Hip Hop Mag

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ShiShiLiza (Bash Vision) X Venom Unveils The Annex Of Amapiano Element In The Track “ShoBoy.” Shishiliza and Venom have finally released their first track “ShoBoy.” The single came after the duo have managed to secure a record deal with Sony Music Africa. The production of their track has triggered a lot of questions since it features quite a long list of hip hop artists with some who have joined the Amapiano movement.

During an interview with SA Hip Hop Mag the duo took time to unpack the reason why the song also contains the Amapiano element. Shishiliza made it clear that the whole concept of adding the Amapiano in the song was not planned, rather he revealed that every bit and pieces of the song came natural highlighting that artists that featured on the song are rappers.

ShiShiLiza (Bash Vision) X Venom Unveils The Annex Of Amapiano Element In The Track “ShoBoy”

“I dont think like anything was really like planned in the sense of we gonna use Amapiano artists, to be honest with you everyone on the song is rappers.” He said. In addition, he did agree that the beat on the song carries the Amapiano feeling but according to Shishiliza all the pieces fell into place perfectly without stretching the whole idea of the song “ShoBoy.”

The beat has got of heavy Amapiano influence, but I just think nothing was really thought about too hard, whatever sounds good, sounds good.” “There is no specific you know, we never sat and really thought about it like we have to do Amapiano because this is what’s happening right now its the biggest thing.”

Bash Vision was very adamant that the song was not made to get attention of the Amapiano movement. Rather he highlighted that if that was the case they would’ve just do the Amapiano song with the Yano artists included. But the song just came out natural fitting very well with the current music wave in Mzansi.

We could’ve just get Amapiano artist and put them on, so I think it was just a natural thing, like we just didn’t think too hard about it we just make good music,” he said.

“ShoBoy” is now available on music streaming platform, and you can go now and feel the beat and the lyrical intellect that comes with the tune.

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