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SinB, Eunha, And Umji Sign With New Agency As 3-Member Group

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Former Gfriend members will be starting fresh as a 3-member group!

On October 6, it was announced that Eunha, SinB, and Umji have signed with Big Planet Made (hereafter BPM).

Along with the news, the three took to Instagram to share their thoughts, with Umji additionally revealing that they will form a 3-member group.

Eunha wrote:

Hello! This is Eunha.
A lot of time has passed already. I feel sorry and thankful to the fans who have waited for a long time. I will be taking on a new start at BPM Entertainment together with SinB and Umji! Thank you for your unchanging love and support, and I want to give back with good music and good performances to all of you who I really love. Please watch over me♥

SinB’s message reads:

Hello, this is SinB.
After long consideration, I will be taking on a new start at BPM Entertainment with Eunha and Umji. It must have been a long wait, but thank you so much to the fans who waited with trust. This moment of spreading my wings at a new home is exciting and also nerve-racking, but I will work to showcase good music and diverse activities in the future. Please show lots of support and watch over me!

Umji shared the following message:

Hello, this is Umji. After spending a long time reviewing and considering [the situation], I came because I want to deliver good news. From now on, Eunha, SinB, and Umji will be a 3-member group together at BPM Entertainment:) Of course there were various concerns, but now that a lot has been sorted out, I’m really looking forward to our new activities. I’m ready to work busily and enjoyably, and I will work hard, so please show lots of anticipation and support. Thank you ♡

Gfriend’s disbandment and departure from Source Music was announced in May of this year. Since then, Yerin signed with Sublime Artist Agency, Sowon joined IOK Company, and Yuju started her new career with KONNECT Entertainment.

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