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Sizwe Dhlomo Shares His Views On The Never-Ending Comparisons Of Nasty C X A-Reece SA Hip Hop Mag

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Sizwe Dhlomo Shares His Views On The Never-Ending Comparisons Of Nasty C X A-Reece. When one of the rappers becomes popular on social media, followers of the other rapper will find methods to incorporate their favorite rapper into the discussion. This notion has ignited the never-ending debate and comparisons on different hip hop artists in Mzansi.

Sizwe Dhlomo Shares His Views On The Never-Ending Comparisons Of Nasty C X A-Reece

Nasty C and A-Reece are amongst the rappers that have been dragged in a never-ending comparison wrangle that has divided the hip hop fanbase in South Africa. This time around this debated has now dragged well-known people in the Mzansi entertainment space.

Just to get an opinion from the well respect people in the entertainment space, one Twitter user popped a very tricky question to Sizwe Dhlomo in regards to the comparison of Nasty C and A-Reece. “@SizweDhlomo
What do you think about this comparison of A-reece and Nasty C and do you think its a good thing for hiphop or is it causing subdivision among the masses and the game as a whole?
” Asked one Twitter user.

Dhlomo’s response to that question clearly indicated that he has no side and he was not ready to start another Twar with the “Slimes” (A-Reece fanbase). “Hip Hop is all about comparison B. Just make sure you come out on top, finish.” Sizwe responded.

Nasty C and A-Reece have been involved in some issues that sparked the allegedly beef that have brought about these comparisons on who is the best rapper. Nasty C requested the Paradise hitmaker to perform as part of his Ivyson tour a while back, which he eagerly approved. Nevertheless, A- Reece did not appear to preform that day, creating rumors of a feud between the two.

During The Originators interview, A-Reece stated, he arrived late to the performance, despite requesting to sing at least one song, Nasty C’s crew reportedly declined his proposal.

What happened with the Ivyson tour was that I arrived late … but I told my booking manager to be like, yo … just tell that even if we late, tell them I could do one song. Even if Nasty is on stage. I’ll do one song while he’s there and I’ll get off. That’s it.” “We were still at a parking lot while everything was happening at the show and we had nothing to do cause they said, ‘No’.” He said.

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