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Sizwe Dhlomo Shares Who He Thinks Is The Most Consistent SA Rapper

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Sizwe Dhlomo Shares Who He Thinks Is The Most Consistent SA Rapper. Kaya FM media personality Sizwe Dhlomo over the years has picked up some knowledge when it comes to matters concerning SA Hip Hop. The media personality is also never shy to share his views, even if they will rub some people the wrong way. Recently the seasoned broadcaster named the individual he thinks is the most consistent rapper in SA.

Sizwe named award-winning rapper K.O as the most consistent rapper in South Ahh. Sizwe’s tweet came after K.O dropped his new single, Playback. Consistency in Hip Hop is measured by various things, a rappers longevity and ability to adapt may also be taken into consideration when determining their consistency within the game. K.O is one rapper who has managed to remain relevant in the music industry despite all the changes he has come across in his career. K.O gain fame as a member of Teargas and went on to carve a successful solo career for himself. The rapper has also been a record label boss, which was a real lesson for the rapper as his reign as a boss was not very successful and artists leaving his stable left a mark but K.O has still delivered great music for his fans.

K.O was certainly flattered by Sizwe’s words and responded and let him know that he will take the compliment. “I’ll take that 🙏🏾,” said K.O. Some Twitter users agreed with Sizwe statement and shared their views on why they believe K.O is the most consistent rapper in SA. “🔥🔥🔥🔥 That carried Teargas. Cash time live and SA hip hop on his back for decade and a half,” wrote one Tweep. However not everyone was in complete agreement with Sizwe, one Tweep argued that Zakwe was their man instead of K.O. “Hmmm maybe one of, ever heard of Zakwe, Stogie is also up there but yes K.O is also 👌 just umculo ka Zakwe uyangiphilisa just like Sjava to his fans,” said the tweep.

Outspoken personality Nota Baloyi also weighed in the hot topic. Nota was not in support of Sizwe’s statement and used the opportunity to K.O’s not so successful record label boss, career. In his tweet, Nota mentioned the artists K.O has worked with on his label. “Consistently stifling the careers of the artists on his label…1. Zingah2. KiD X3. Ma E4. Roii5. LokiGotta respect a consistent king!” tweeted Nota.

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