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Sjava Passes On Words Of Wisdom To Big Hash

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Sjava Passes On Words Of Wisdom To Big Hash. Award-winning musician Sjava has reminded Big Hash to focus on what is important, which is the music instead of people’s opinions. Big Hash recently announced that he was finally free from his former record label Innanetwav and has been getting his fans excited for the release of his mixtape Aries. Fans have been waiting for the mixtape’s release as it is very much overdue. Big Hash recently clarified some information about his discography as there was slight confusion about his mixtape Young.

Sjava responded to Big Hash’s tweet where he clarified that Young was actually a mixtape and not an album. Sjava played the role of an industry big brother and told Big Hash to focus on making good music and not what people have to say about his music. Sjava explained to Big Hash he shouldn’t create music for people’s approval. “Focus on making good music and not what niggas think umculo ungawenzeli ukuvunywa yenzela abantu,” wrote the Asina Muva hitmaker. Big Hash certainly agreed with what the OG had to say to him and remarked that at the end of it all, his music is all he has. “You’re not wrong OG this shit is all I have even whether I have everything else or nothing at all.” wrote Big Hash.

This is not the first time Sjava has expressed the importance of having love for what you do. He previously opened up about his songwriting journey and how he managed to do it for so long. Sjava revealed to his fans that he has been writing music for close to 30 years. “Started writing songs in 1993 it’s 2021 and I am still doing it. i know for a fact that I wouldn’t get this far if I was not doing it out of love Into mawuyenza ngothando nangokuzimisela ungagijimisi imali nodumo akuvamisile ukuthi ingaphumeleli And I will forever be thankful,” remarked Sjava.

It is yet to be seen if Big Hash will really release his mixtape, Aries this November, history has shown that Big Hash has announced release dates and pushed them back. However now that all his legal drama is behind him, he might be able to actually stick to a released date. Big Hash recently revealed that the man with the magic touch, Zoocci Coke Dope would be co-executive producing his album. “Just spoke to Zoo, looks like we’re gonna executive produce my debut album together. Mad excited to see where that goes, first stop though: my mixtape #ARIES in November,” shared Big Hash.

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