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Slik Talk On Why He Turned Down An Offer From Riky Rick SA Hip Hop Mag

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Slik Talk On Why He Turned Down An Offer From Riky Rick. Slik Talk has been the talk of the town after his recent interview on Podcast and Chill with MacG. During the Podcast he expressed how he feels about certain celebrities in Mzansi, from hip hop artists to showbiz personalities.

The controversial YouTuber seems like he fancies a few people even close to non mostly in hip hop. The only rapper who he worships is A-Reece. During the interview he got a chance to rate most of the artists in the music industry from the Yanos to Hip hop but only a few managed to lure his interest in them.

Slik was then asked about any celebrity that has approached to work with him. And that’s when he shared his relationship with Rick Ricky and he made it clear the Boss Zonke contacted him a year ago.

Slik Talk On Why He Turned Down An Offer From Riky Rick

“So its like Ricky Rick hit me up like a year ago and that was like the early stages of my channel and he wanted me to do a show with him so that’s like how I blew up, he hit up me wanted to do a show and I didn’t think I was the good fit for the show and I said no.” “Then my family was like looking at me crazy like that’s Ricky Rick 1.5 Million then I was like nah its not a good fit for me and then it motivated me to keep going.”

Slik talk went on to discuss what inspired him to start a YouTube channel and how he got inspiration from other Youtubers and Podcasters. “So how I started, I saw MacG’s interview on DJ Sabis’ channel and then I got inspired, and another person who inspired me was Owami Hlongane then I was like yeah let me start.”

He went on to share how he started and how the journey was like along with the people who he met along the way. “So how I started I was in lower school and I was frustrated because I wasn’t having any genuine conversations then I was like nah let me start a channel and see what happens and you know it has been two years now.

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