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Slik Talk Shares How He Really Feels About Costa Titch And AKA SA Hip Hop Mag

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Slik Talk Shares How He Really Feels About Costa Titch And AKA. Costa Titch, a newcomer to the hip hop scene, was in deep trouble after being accused of cultural appropriation. Costa received many praises from well-decorated personalities in SA hip hop space. DJ Speedsta hailed his debut album as the finest hip hop record of the year, indicating that his fame is increasing. Many individuals, however, have expressed concern about his demeanor and wondered if he is a good rapper.

Nonetheless, not everyone thinks that Costa Titch can be considered amongst the best rappers in Mzansi. One person non other than the controversial Slik Talk came all guns blazing denouncing that the young Capetown rapper can be categorized amongst the best in the game.

Slik touched on many artists in SA hip hop during the Podcast and Chill with Mac G, Slik Talk didn’t even take time to rate Costa Stich for his input in the SA hip hop space. He went to mention that he likes AKA but he stopped listening to his music and he doesn’t fancy him anymore.

I like AKA in 2018 I don’t like him any more.” Just to make heat up the conversation, Costa Titch was introduced into the conversation and Slik Talk made it known that he doesn’t like the young rapper. “No, not even entertain him, he used to get our reparations for black people not doing our Amapiano, that’s how I feel about Costa Titch. If your forefathers cant give us what is ours don’t do Amapiano, that’s how I feel about him.”

Sol Phenduka went on to ask Slik who does he rate in amongst the hip hop artists in Mzansi. And Slik was not very much ready to shout A-Reece as the only rapper that is relevant in the game apart from that he prefer to listen to USA hip hop. “A-Reece The Boy Doing Things, I like Reece man other than that I listen to like the US, J-Cole, Drake, Kendrick the usual.”

Slik Talk has always been he only endorsed A-Recee as the only rapper that he appreciate, Slik Talk gave an honest opinion about other hip hop artists that have emerged during the past years.

Slik was asked about Big Xhosa and his opinion was prompt alluding that he doesn’t think about him. “I don’t think about him, he likes my videos too but no I don’t care about him.”

Even though he wasn’t taking a piss about hip hop artists, the controversial Youtuber gave much respect to Zocci Coke Dope. “Zocci Coke Dope is dope, dope producer,” Slik said.

MacG started throwing out names that he thinks are making an impact in the game, just to get an Slik Talk to say out his thoughts. “Lets throw some names out there.” MacG said. Slik was asked his thoughts on Youngsta CPT. “I think he is cool but i dont listen to his music.”

Kwetsa has been in the game for a while now, Slik doesn’t seem moved about what the rapper has achieved. “I don’t care about his music, I haven’t cared since 2017, shout to Nota though, I think Kwetsa needs Nota at this point by the way his career has been going I think he needs him.” “I thought Nota was just talking his stuff when he was talking about Kwetsa, but I now I see he need him.”

Slik was asked his thoughts about Yanga Chief but he quickly mentioned that he doesn’t know him. “Who is Yanga Chief?” Nonetheless, he went to applaud Blxckie and the momentum he has brought in hip hop. “I didn’t like Blxckie at first but he is definitely putting the work, but I don’t know about fire.”

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