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Slik Talk Trashes Cassper For Claiming The Youtuber Is Ganging Up On Him With MacGSA Hip Hop Mag

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Slik Talk Trashes Cassper For Claiming The Youtuber Is Ganging Up On Him With MacG. Cassper Nyovest, who hasn’t been able to capture a breather this week, is unfazed by the backlash and is handling it in fun. Firstly, the rapper has been bombarded for the drop in numbers of the show that he is hosting on SABC1, The Braai Show With Cass. The rage did not end there as his alcohol beverage Billiato that is set to launch in December has been dubbed as trash by the talky YouTuber Slik Talk.

In the most recent episode of his YouTube program, Slik Talk slammed Cassper for his braai show claiming that the program is trash and its not worth the viewership. The same sentiment was also brought up in regards to the Braai show on the MacG Podcast. MacG mocked Cass by asking Sol Phenduka what programs he’s been watching.

The Braai Show, I thought you will mention The Braai Show, it seems like no one is watching The Braai Show. The numbers are bad, terrible.” He further mentioned, “The Podcast without Sol is like The Braai Show without AKA.” He said.

Slik Talk Trashes Cassper For Claiming The Youtuber Is Ganging Up On Him With MacG

With all the criticism Cass did not halt his guards, the rapper went on to respond to all that have been said about him he will not be fazed by people ganging up on him to tarnish what he have achieved in his music and the business side.

Let me tell you something. When it comes me Cassper Nyovest, Don Billiato!!! Forget boyz im far too gone Yall can talk all the sh**t you want create alliance agree le jutane, you’ll never win!!!! All my enemies know deep in their hearts they would love to switch lives.” Tweeted Cassper responding to MacG and Slik Talk.

It did not take time for Slik Talk to realize that Cassper’s tweet was aimed at him and MacG and it gave the YouTube to come all gunz blazing at the hip hop rapper, unpacking a lot about Cassper Nyovest and his emotional maturity.

“I wanna talk about this insecure high school dropout called Cassper Nyovest. This n*gga has the nerve to call me and Mac G his enemies and says we’re creating alliances against him.”My n*gga, grow up Cassper Nyovest, grow up. I know you didn’t finish the full course in high school, so you still missed that part of your life, and you think this is high school.” he said.

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