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Sol Phenduka Reveals How Boity Once Financially Assisted Him

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Sol Phenduka Reveals How Boity Once Financially Assisted Him. Rapper and Media personality Boity Thulo has become known for having a generous hand and in the past has given to those who are in need. The Ba Kae hitmaker is currently going through a bit of a rough patch after she was allegedly assaulted by former Metro FM radio host Bujy Bikwa. During an episode of the Podcast with Mac G, the hosts spoke on the incident, Sol found it tough to speak on the matter because he knows both personalities involved.

Sol revealed why the story was close to home for him, the host was transparent with viewers as he told the story of how Boity once financially assisted him when he was going through a rough time. Sol who has been open about his struggles with gambling addiction explained that he had to attend his grandmother’s funeral but was cash strapped. Sol told MacG he hit Boity up and she was able to assist him with the money he needed. “It’s sensitive bro, I mean it’s very close to home Bujy, we know Bujy, you know he’s family on the podcast network. Boity, Boity holds a special place in my heart you know…” revealed Sol.

“I reached out to her… Yeah, when I was down and out. I reached out to her and she helped me. Like I remember, flip, I remember my granny had just passed away, you know and I was a mess at that time and I didn’t want my family to see me like that. No one in my family knew where I was and I was just renting a small place in town and I was like f**k called her because she had assisted me before right and this was the time when I was recovering you know and when I said Yo, I need cash I really needed it for what I said I needed it for and I need to look good for my granny’s funeral. Called like yo I need help you know she’s like no problem, she sent me 4K. Looked dapper, no one in my family knew I was having problems, all thanks to Boity. So she’ll always have a special place in my heart,” said Sol.

Sol also went on to explain why he found it hard to speak on Boity’s incident when MacG was at a recent event they attended together. Boity has released a statement confirming that she has opened a case of assault.  “It is with deep sadness to state that I was indeed an unfortunate victim of a vicious physical assault and that I have since opened a case against the culprit, which I am following with a keen interest. I do not wish to comment on this matter any further (at this time) “I respectfully request some space as I try to find a way to heal both physically and emotionally from this traumatic experience” read the statement.

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