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Summer Walker Slams “Creep” London On Da Track In Social Media Rant

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Summer Walker lashed out at her ex-boyfriend London On Da Track over his lack of involvement in parenting their daughter.

Summer Walker is fed up with her ex-boyfriend London On Da Track.

The Interscope Records artist criticized London On Da Track’s parenting in a string of Instagram posts. Summer Walker detailed her frustrations regarding her ex’s involvement in their daughter’s life.

“She’s not one of your little cars or props you can just post for clout,” she wrote. “I wish you would just go. We don’t need you. She has a real father over here. We be the ones sleep deprived taking care of her while you out doing whatever.”

The singer added, “Just go live your life. You don’t have to keep fake kicking it with her cause I’m not cool with all that popping in popping out BS.”

Summer Walker was set off by London On Da Track posting videos of himself with their daughter at the mall. She claimed his “intentions are not genuine” when it comes to their child.

“Everytime I see that fake stuff I just go into protective mode,” she wrote. “The last time I even asked you about being involved with her and actually coming to be apart of something we were doing, you switched the topic and started asking me bout credits on the album.”

She continued, “That’s disgusting like just gooo live your life. YOU’VE GOT A GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD MY BOY. I don’t need no child support or nothing just go. I’m serious.”

Summer Walker said dropping off her daughter with London On Da Track feels like leaving her child with a stranger. She also shared a series of text messages, which showed her struggling to get him to send a photo of their daughter.

“I do not care, you wanna keep capping for the internet like you give af about my child,” she vented on Instagram Stories. “Now they KNOW you don’t give a damn. No need to keep capping. That’s it it’s dead. Don’t call my phone no more CREEP.”

View everything Summer Walker had to say below.


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