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Sung Si Kyung Apologizes + Clarifies False Reports After Neighbor Complains About Noise Disturbance

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Sung Si Kyung has personally responded to reports about a recent complaint made by his neighbor.

Recently, after actor Kim Kyung Nam’s neighbor posted anonymously on an online community to complain about the noise caused by an unnamed celebrity who lived next door, another anonymous individual responded to the post to claim that they faced a similar problem.

The commenter wrote, “Your [situation] is totally similar to mine. Singer S lives in the apartment above mine, and everyday, their feet are like hammers going boom, boom, boom, and right now they’re playing really loud music.”

The individual went on to allege that while they had repeatedly made complaints about the noise coming from upstairs and the singer’s manager had brought them a cake to apologize, the noise problem soon started up again. The commenter wrote, “When I really couldn’t take it anymore, I knocked on the ceiling a few times. That worked for a while… but today, they were playing music so loudly that after trying and trying to just endure it, I knocked [on the ceiling], and they’re totally ignoring me. I’m debating calling the police.”

Due to several clues in the comment regarding the unnamed singer’s identity, speculation soon arose that the singer in question was Sung Si Kyung.

On December 19, Sung Si Kyung personally addressed the controversy with the following post on Instagram:

Because of the snow, the whole world has turned white.

I was tormented because there were reports claiming that [I said things like], “I have nothing to say” and “I’m going to move soon,” and so I finally decided to write this message. Of course I wouldn’t say things like that.

That day, I personally went to see my neighbor who lives below me and apologized, saying I was truly sorry, and thankfully, they accepted [my apology], so I promised to be even more careful in the future.

The hard-working members of my band were going to go to a restaurant, but because of COVID-19, I made dinner for them at home instead. But our mistake was listening to music together on YouTube late at night using my first-floor TV.

In the case of YouTube, I [usually] use it on the second floor while wearing headphones, so the sound isn’t amplified, and just because I’m a singer, I don’t listen to loud music everyday. Also, I spend most of my time outside.

I’ll be even more careful in the future.

In order to block the sound of chairs dragging on the floor, I put pads on [the bottom of my chairs], and for the first time in my life, I’ve been wearing slippers. I practically walk only on the balls of my feet, and I try to stay on the second floor as much as possible.

Because we are sharing this apartment building together, of course I believe that neighbors should be considerate and respectful of one another and be even more careful.

I will really take more care in the future and be even more cautious.

I’m most sorry to my neighbor, and I’m also sorry to my fans.

Meanwhile, Kim Kyung Nam’s agency previously released their own statement revealing that the actor had personally apologized to his neighbor.

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