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Sunmi’s Agency To Take Legal Action Against Malicious Commenters

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Sunmi’s agency, Abyss Company, has announced they will be taking legal action on behalf of their artist.

On October 13, Abyss Company released an official statement that explained their legal plans moving forward. Earlier this week, Sunmi took to social media to personally address hate comments and death threats targeted at her. In 2019, the agency (then called MakeUs Entertainment) also took action against 12 individuals behind malicious comments, with one case leading to a fine.

Read the full statement below:

Hello. This is Abyss Company.

First, we want to thank the fans supporting our agency artist Sunmi.

Following the statement we released in August 2019, we took strict legal action against malicious comments, attacks on character, insults, and all other malicious writings, and the individuals at that time received fine summary indictments.

However, despite that, we’ve recently discovered numerous malicious comments accompanied with insults. Hiding behind the mask of anonymity on the internet and slandering and cursing at artists is a definite crime.

To protect the rights and interests of our agency artist, our priority is to take strong legal action that results in paying the price without any mercy, against malicious acts that infringe upon our artist’s character.

In the future, we plan to continue with strong follow-up measures based on the evidence gathered from self-monitoring and fans’ reports. As fans’ reports are a big help, please send evidence involving insults and reckless malicious comments to the email address below.

We ask for fans’ active cooperation.

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