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Teddy Swims Puts Us In the Holiday Spirit With New Single “Please Come Home For Christmas” — Unspoken Press

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By Colin Naughton

Teddy Swims provides a wonderful rendition of “Please Come Home for Christmas,” originally performed by the Eagles. Swims does such a great job making the listener get into the holiday mood. When I listen to this song I can’t help but think of the Christmas season and all of the wonderful things that come along with it. Spending time with family and friends, there’s always something in the air during that time that puts me in a happy state of mind. I am able to look around and feel so grateful for everything that I have and all of the good in my life. I think that is what Swims is trying to accomplish with this single. In a year where nothing feels normal and there has been so much uncertainty this song can help us remember the good that we do have around us.

Teddy Swims has the voice of an angel, the vocal work on this song is so incredible. The beauty of his voice perfectly portrays the beautiful time of year we are about to enter. I really love the acoustic guitar playing in this single as well. It matches with the calming tone and vibe of Swims’ singing. The whole song just gives me a warm feeling inside, it makes me excited for the holiday season.

When you listen to “Please Come Home for Christmas,” it is important to think of the good times and spend time with your loved ones and try to forget about the whole mess that has been the year 2020. I can’t wait to play this song on repeat and really immerse myself into the holiday spirit.

You can listen to “Please Come Home for Christmas” on your preferred streaming platform. And you can follow Teddy Swims’ career on Instagram and Twitter.


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