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That Music Magazine » Alternative rock musician, Louise Aubrie, unveils 5th studio album, ‘Antonio,’ released via Carrot Bone Records

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‘Antonio’ Album Artwork

Written by Lauren Rosier

The alternative rock/indie rock musician, Louise Aubrie, is thrilled to share her fifth studio album, Antonio, released via Carrot Bone Records out now.

The creation of the album was truly a transatlantic affair being written in New York, recorded in London, and mixed and mastered in Los Angeles.

Louise Aubrie explains the album’s title more:

“The title is inspired by a line from the Jacques Brel song ‘La Chanson De Jacky’: “Même si on m’appelle Antonio” – “My name would be Antonio”. It’s a brilliant fantastical song about fame being fleeting, and imagining how life might be in the future: being washed up, reflecting on the glory days!! Marc Almond did a brilliant cover of it – one of my favourite songs – and I created a vision of who Antonio might be: an aging European lothario going round the clubs.  A lot of the songs were inspired by that image – I don’t know anyone called Antonio in the real world!”

The 10-song set opens with a track titled “Ours” that contains elements of Irish rock a la Dolores O’Riordan, with an excellent, upbeat melody. It doesn’t quite hit the right spots, however, to be a full-blown, radio-friendly single, I don’t believe.

The next track, “Bang,” is an indie rock song with elements of 80s rock, punk, industrial rock, and more, to create something like I can’t say I’ve heard before.

The following track, “Last,” serves as her title track, as she sings about ‘Antonio’ and wonders why she was with her current lover. She sings ‘the plot is thickening all the time / it’s hiding our perfect crime…” Then, she sings ‘from everyone, you’re not just anyone /.at last / at last…”

The track, “Lost,” opens with a stampeding drum beat, as Aubrie sings more about her beloved, Antonio. I begin to wonder who this Antonio is throughout these songs as I listen to songs more and more.

I really enjoyed the song, “Take.” It had a very pop-friendly and radio-friendly opening, and then the chorus was super strong and the melody was very catchy. However, I found it difficult to understand the lyrics when listening to the song.

Overall, this album is a decent alternative/indie rock album by an independent artist that deserves all the recognition. Louise Aubrie is a terrific musician and I look forward to what she plans on doing in the future.

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