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That Music Magazine » California native Dawson Fuss opens up on new single “Free” out now

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photo credit: Xkylar

Written by Lauren Rosier

The Santa Barbara, California native, Dawson Fuss, was born to do music. Since before he could speak, he has been humming along to songs on the radio. When he was 5 years old, he began starring in musical productions and various musical programs. This encouraged him to start pursuing a career in music. He desired to turn his emotions into words through songwriting.

“I come to life whenever I can perform in front of an audience,” he says.

Today, Fuss releases a brand new music video for his song, “Free.” This track was directed by Anastasia Delmark and illustrates Dawson’s journey through coming out and self-acceptance.

“I didn’t want to come to terms with myself being gay and thinking that I would be carrying around a burden my whole, but once I realized that coming out was something to take total pride in and let go of the walls I created for myself, rather than something to avoid, I felt like I was truly ‘free,’” he describes.

The video takes place in nature and features multiple scenes of Fuss and other females free dancing. In one scene, Fuss is inside a box made of plastic material, while the females surround the box and dance. Throughout much of the video, there are scenes of Fuss in serene, white garments. It illustrates a very peaceful and relieving scene and set of emotions, and I feel like that’s what he is going for in this video. It’s simple, but it illustrates what it represents to him, and that’s what makes it’s so great.

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