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That Music Magazine » Canadian artist, Tawni Bias, shares new album, ‘SEL Fellow,’ out now

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‘SEL Fellow’ Album Artwork

Written by Lauren Rosier

The Calgary-based indie/alternative musician and producer, Tawni Bias, is excited to share his new record, SEL Fellow, released independently, out now.

Bias is able to create his own unique, signature sound that is slightly similar to other artists like Bon Iver and Sigur Rós but remains all his own.

Bias began writing the layers of music in his small basement suite, and soon after, songs began to emerge. This was the beginning of the record. Each song stands as a testament to something to be learned and overcome.

The opening track, “Admonition,” is a beautiful 32-second track, which gradually leads into the second song on the record, “Two Poodles One Cake.” This track does remind me of something similar to a Bon Iver record perhaps. I really enjoy Bias‘ voice, as it seems it has great depth.

I really enjoyed the next track, “Flare Intropin,” with its folk tendencies and chill, winter vibes. The song “Cardamom” is so sweet, as it starts out with Bias singing acoustically, then the instrumentation suddenly makes a bold statement, as his singing grows louder and louder, then the song ends.

“Pulling Starch” is another beautiful track on the record, but I noticed throughout the album, I had such a difficult time deciphering what the lyrics were. As I listened, I thought the effects on his voice were really effective, and creative, so in that respect, I do think that this particular song is probably one of the strongest, if not the strongest on the album.

Overall, the album was much better than what I anticipated. If are a fan of Bon Iver, I think you will like Tawni Bias. His voice and style of music are super similar, yet unique in their own way. I dare you to give it a spin.

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