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That Music Magazine » Detroit-based jazz-funk band, Disaster Relief, unveil second full-length, ‘Back Into It’, out now on Ravine Records

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Written by Lauren Rosier

The incredible, Detroit-based jazz-funk band, Disaster Relief, is thrilled to share their brand new full-length album, Back Into It, out now via Ravine Records.

In 2018, the Michigan-based producer, songwriter, and guitarist, Darren James, decided to step back from his blues and roots rock sound of his Darren James Band sound “to form a more improvisational, instrumental, and funky project.”

Following their 2018 self-titled album, Back Into It continues the band’s effort to deliver timeless, funky music that will make you want to get up and dance. They want their music to serve as an escape from the negative vibes that are surrounding us. The record expands the horn-driven palette and introduces more world influences.

The album begins with the funky title track, “Back Into It,” featuring some infectious guitar riffs and melodies that will for sure get stuck in your head. At one part in the song, there are a few instrument solo features, which is something that I haven’t heard before in a recording; kind of cool. However, they missed giving the drummer the spotlight.

The second track is “Kalamatianós for Alexander.” The song starts out on guitar, brings in the synths, and then the sax starts that mysterious, sexy vibe. The instrumentation on this track is phenomenal, as there are so many different layers of sounds. The saxophone also helps to emphasize the Spanish influence of the song.

On “Beach Song,” there is definitely a lighthearted, upbeat vibe going on, that reminds the listener of being at the beach, being in the Caribbean sun, and enjoying themselves, just dancing to this song, eating, and having a good time. The saxophones livened up the track and helps to get people moving and dancing.

The last song on the album is titled “What Day Is It?” The song is just a feel-good, funky jam with an upbeat, yet chill vibe. It’s an excellent song to end the album with; it’s a well-done song. This entire album was such a pleasant surprise. I really enjoyed it.

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