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That Music Magazine » Downtempo electronic duo, Tanuki Project, drops a 4-track set, ‘Adamant _ CHAPTER#01,’ out now

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‘Adamant_CHAPTER#01’ EP Artwork

Written by Lauren Rosier

The Montreal-based, downtempo/trip-hop, electronic duo, Tanuki Project, has shared their latest project, a 4-song set, titled ‘Adamant _ CHAPTER#01,’ out now.

Tanuki Project‘s music is characterized by hypnotic basslines, airy vocals, and deep lyricism. The EP opens with the track, “Dystopia,” a track with rhythmic drums paired with airy, atmospheric vocals.

The second track, “Slow,” is an excellent song, and probably the most radio-friendly. It almost reminds me of another band, Purity Ring. The song is characterized by deep synths, throbbing basslines, and light, airy vocals from vocalist, Nady.

From Tanuki Project:

“ADAMANT is an A/V cinematic electronic tale.

Our new project ADAMANT is out now with its CHAPTER #01, including 4 songs. ADAMANT’s sound is emotional, the power of uplifting sweetness combined with mesmerizing soulful vocals and hypnotic beats and bass. The statement is purely artistic and emotional though deeply rooted in today’s collective issues.

The journey is from the freedom of living in the moment as a hunter-gatherer, through subjugation via superstition, through subjugation via industrialization, through subjugation via artificial intelligence, through to liberty of thought via reclaiming the moment as experienced by the hunter-gatherer.

Grab your headphones, take a deep breath and let the sounds sink in.

CHAPTER #01: Head-up, soul wide, gliding across the plain. Present Senses searching. Watching, breathing, hearing, Bare feet feeling the earth, Heart rooted in nature. Life nasty, brutish and short. But at least aware, at least alive, at least here.”

“Stone” is a truly haunting track featuring downtempo beats paired with breathy vocals, with “Hope” even feeling even more haunting with a melody that feels like it’s out of a horror movie or something. It’s intense and interesting and fun.

Tanuki Project features the French-born Legyl and Nady delivering rhythmic drums, throbbing basslines, and hypnotic synths paired with Nady‘s fantastic vocals. The duo’s first release was their self-produced, debut album, Playground For Everyone, that was debuted in August 2010. It was released under the famous Canadian label, Aquarius Records/Donald K Donald Group.

They released their sophomore album, Far From The City Lights, in October 2012, on their own DIY label, Go With The Flow. A third record, Trace, was released in 2015-2016, as an EP. In summer 2019, their EP, #BlackFlag, was unveiled.

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